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Scene 08 - Kindra to the Rescue! by ReclusiveWriter
Scene 08 - Kindra to the Rescue!
This is the 3rd scene sketch I've done from RustyRaccoon's story, "So You Can Talk?". I plan to do some more. This is the design I came up with for the new character, Kindra, apprentice to the Blue Fairy. Here, we see the scene where she rescues Bobby, Paul, and Alexander from their exhaustive swim in the sea.

I decided to upload the uncolored version, mainly for comparative reasons to the finished product.

BTW, I am aware that the wind has the sea blowing in the wrong direction. I will be fixing that.  Comments are welcome.
Scene 07 - Swim For It! by ReclusiveWriter
Scene 07 - Swim For It!
This is another scene from RustyRaccoon's story "So You Can Talk?", depicting when the three talking donkeys, Bobby, Paul, and Alexander, make their bold escape from Pleasure Island. Again, I decided to share the uncolored version for comparative reasons to the finished product, when it's done.

The perspective was a tricky one to handle. The one closest to the 'camera' is Bobby. The semi-goofy looking-donkey behind him is Paul. Alexander is still back on the dock, with the Coachman chasing him down. In the background, you can see the cat trying to help the Fox regain his breath after being knocked back against the fences.

The ferry and the gateway were particularly challenging, as were the relative teails of the cave.

Comments are welcome.
Scene 06 - 'Where Are Our Clothes' by ReclusiveWriter
Scene 06 - 'Where Are Our Clothes'
A scene from RustyRaccoon's story "So You Can Talk?".  This is just the basic beginning of the final product. I intend to color this sketch. However, I decided to share the uncolored version. This depicts my first efforts at drawing the fox, 'Honest John', and the cat 'Gideon'. They were drawn freehand, though I did use pictures of them as a guide for the details.

I did some extensive studying of the dock scene from 'Pinocchio' to get the pen details correct, as well as those of the ferry. If you've read the story, then you'll know the donkey angrily confronting the Fox is Bobby. The smallest of the sleeping pair is Alexander. I decided to leave the sailor cap on his head for this sketch to make him a little easier to recognize, in addition to his noted buck teeth. I also made Alexander smaller, to depict his comparatively young age compared to Bobby and Paul.
Inspecting the Donkeys by ReclusiveWriter
Inspecting the Donkeys
This sketch was inspired by two different sources - 1) a production sketch of one of Coachman's minions (and not those dumb yellow ones!) hefting a donkey into a crate.  2) An Italian animated production of Pinocchio where the Coachman equivalent is making sure the donkeys bray, and finds the Lampwick equivalent (Luccino) still with his human head.

When I ask people to identify the mistake in the picture, it often takes them awhile to realize I mean the donkey's boy face.
Pinocchio - What Are We Made of? by ReclusiveWriter
Pinocchio - What Are We Made of?
This sketch was inspired by a scene from the 1996 'Pinocchio' movie, with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Martin Landau, and Udo Kier. It's a sort of 'deleted scene' from the Disney 'Pinocchio' movie.

I wrote a brief narrative to accompany this picture, and here it is: After their narrow escape from Pleasure Island, Pinocchio finds he can float on the water, and rests from his swim back to the mainland. Jiminy Cricket and he ponder the likely fate of Lampwick and the other boys who were tricked into being transformed into donkeys. As he wonders about those lost boys, he also realizes that that only Jiminy's friendship and forgiveness saved him from the same fate, and wonders if he'll ever be good enough to become a real boy.

This picture really takes on a different atmosphere if you listen to the minute and five seconds of the track 'Il Collosso' from the 1996 Pinocchio soundtrack. It can be found on Youtube.

The sketch was drawn on drawing paper, first outlined with pencil, then inked. After that, the sketch was scanned and colored on my computer with a combination of the online program Pixlr Editor and fine-tuned with MS-Paint.

Comments are welcome.


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The last several months have been very difficult. In September, my wife suddenly fell ill and died. I'm still reeling from the loss, but finally managing to start doing some sketchwork again.

I do have new sketches I will be posting in the near future, but have other priorities to address first.
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Does anyone know where ReclusiveWriter has gone? It's over 5 weeks and I have not heard from him since!
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I am still here. I just haven't been able to get on DA for quite some time, because things have been horrifically hectic, and I'm about ready to scream.

When I have some time, I will be catching up. Right now, I'm just checking a few things before crashing.
quackington Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You still remember my comic?
ReclusiveWriter Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
I haven't forgotten. I just did a quick re-read on your notes, to see what you wanted. I'm in the middle of coloring a sketch, then I plan to get yours done.
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Does anyone know where reclusivewriter has gone?
PinocchioDisneyFreak Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Here's what Pinoke looks like as a "TLK" character. I forgot to send you this in my reply note. TLK Pinocchio by Kiwi-Heart

I would like to see Pinocchio scared to death, sitting on his haunches and holding his tail in fear. This takes place in my story when he notices his transformation while Simba introduces himself. When Pinocchio sees himself. he screams. So, can you make Pinocchio REALLY scared with one paw at the left side of his mouth and the other holding his taii?
PinocchioDisneyFreak Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
May I ask for a request if you do them? It's "Pinocchio" related.
LoCo-LoBos Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013   Traditional Artist
i like your story "A boy and his Donkey"
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